More proof everyone is profoundly psychic….

Today I received an incredible email from someone that came across my articles on psychic retrieval.   I received hundreds of requests from people asking for psychic lost and found help.  I wish that I could respond to all of them, but for the ones I can respond to, I always suggest they give the process a try too.  At the very least it can’t hurt, and at the very best, it produces quicker results.

Like I tell everyone, you don’t really need me and here’s the proof.  In this case, she didn’t wait for me to weigh in, and yet the results were astounding nonetheless.

D Wrote:

“I am stunned and so happy. I had to sell the family home of 26 years seven months ago. Last night my daughter asked if I had her passport. I have always been so responsible and organized. I could not find our passports in the condo I am living in now. Everything else is accounted for: birth certificates, car titles, etc. But not the rather larger blue passport case. I looked everywhere last night. I looked in some random places this morning, just in case. Nothing.

I know I am more sensitive this days (emotionally & psychically) so I decided to use the energy from the computer to assist. What could it hurt?  I came this article. I went downstairs into my room. Got comfortable, lit some incense. Followed what you suggested. Walked over to a rack wear I store my purses. That didn’t seem logical to me.

I stood on top of the bed so I could see on top of my armoire, feeling silly because that wouldn’t be my style for hiding something. Just dust. Got down, and opened the doors of the armoire. Even through I had looked “completely through it last night. Suddenly, I pushed all the coats on the lower rack aside… and back in the corner on the floor was the blue case and a diamond certificate I had been looking for too.

This TOTALLY worked. Thank you and my third eye”

So, the next time you have misplaced something and you are feeling frantic, know that you have the ability to connect to the information you need, when you need and it will lead exactly where you need to be or will reveal what you need to see.

Happiness is a choice…

Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy. No person will make you happy unless you decide to be happy. Your happiness will not come to you. It can only come from you.

Dear Community of Like-minded thinkers,

I know it has been a long time since i’ve posted new content.  I appreciate your notes asking for more, and your requests have been heard.  I’ve been busy creating several exciting new projects that are chock full of the information you desire.  They will soon be ready to be shared, so stay tuned for more information.

In the meanwhile….  I want to share an excellent site that I recently came across called  Not only is the writing is superb, the message is inspiring and motivating in so many ways.   It inspired to me to share it with you…. so check it out when you need a boost, it might even motivate you to get busy.


Spiritual Feng Shui… for the day #56


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Spiritual Feng Shui... for the day #56


Spiritual Feng Shui…. for the day #55


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I know… It’s been a while…


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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here…

The last few months have been very busy putting the finishing touches on my new book about cultivating your innate intuitive abilities to change your life, as well as writing the curriculum for my upcoming workshops.

I am grateful for your loyal readership in the process.  It amazes me when I see how many of you out there globally visit on a daily basis.  I thank you from the bottom of my appreciative heart.

During this time, I have gotten hundreds of emails requesting “Psychic Lost and Found” readings and I am working on answering them as quickly as I can.  If you have not heard from me yet, it is because at this time I do not have information that would be relevant to your inquiry.  However, I keep a file of requests and I go through them often looking for hits, so I can pass the information along to you.

Here’s a recent Lost and Found success stories I want to share:

I received a letter from ST in TX on 8/29/13.

ST wrote:

“I lost my wallet a few days ago… Any Insight???

Description:  deep red (crocodile print) wallet.”

I responded on 8/29/13:   

“Did you look in your car or were you in someone else’s car or truck where it could have fallen out?  It’s half in plain view, half obscured.  Check between things.

That is what jumped out at me when I read your note.  Please let me know if anything turns up.”

ST responded 8/29/13:

“Oh thank you so much for your response…

Could you possibly make out the COLOR of the car/truck that you feel it was dropped in? I HAVE indeed ridden in another car/truck since I last saw the wallet…  The 1st was a (now returned) rental car; the other was my Uncles’ SUV.  I’ve inquired about both vehicles, but nothing so far…. Perhaps it’s been overlooked, so I will certainly check again.  Or can you perhaps tell if someone else has found it?”

I responded on 8/29/13: 

“I felt like it was a red or maroon car or interior.  I also feel like other people have been near it but overlooked it as well.  It’s as if its blending in with the environment but’s in view.”

ST wrote on 8/31/13: 

“The wallet has been returned to me (after more than one week!).  The car dealership (from the rental car) called on yesterday and said they found it.

I do so truly appreciate you sharing your insight!

Be blessed!!!”

It never ceases to amaze me the thrill I get when I hear someone has been reunited with something that is important to them.   It validates my theory again and again, that our ability to tap into the infinite universe, and glean from it information that is significant to our betterment, is more powerful than we yet understand.

Keep visiting often….  And please, please, please share your own intuitive stories and comments below.





Sage Advice from Sage Thich Nhat Hanh


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Sage Advice from Sage Thich Nhat Hanh